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MUE Online is a learning platform that offers women a holistic approach to education, developing the individual’s inner consciousness and clarity of mind through self-improvement courses that provide both knowledge and personal growth in an accessible, inclusive, and nourishing learning environment.

Consciousness-Based Education Online

It’s no secret that remote learning is something all of us need. Our schedules and lifestyles require that education comes to us. Maharishi University of Enlightenment offers its quality education and enrichment programs to women all over the world. Our unique Consciousness-Based℠ education model is optimized for learning with a sense of ease and dialogue.
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What makes our education unique?

Total Knowledge

Total Knowledge of Natural Law means understanding the big picture of life—the full range of the creativity and intelligence inherent in the universe—and experiencing our intimate connection with that cosmic reality. 

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Education for Enlightenment

When we know the big picture—the basis of the whole range of life—we embody the total potential of nature’s creative intelligence and spontaneously express this knowledge in every aspect of life. This is Enlightenment. Creating enlightenment is the purpose of MUE Online.

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Education for Women

Maharishi University of Enlightenment's courses—taught by women, for women—create an environment that is particularly enriching and empowering for women. 

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Video: Celebrating 25 Years of Consciousness Based Education

We are pleased to celebrate our silver jubilee with all of you who have made this unique education for women and girls possible.  Thank you. 

Featured course -
Be More: Threads of Wisdom on the Path of Becoming

This year is the year to be the best YOU. Overcoming obstacles, achieving inner bliss, rising to self-actualization, being more! Registration for this first session of Dr. Alison Plaut's course is closed. Stay tuned for details on the next session coming soon.
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Be More: The Song

An Inspiring Song | Written by Ann Purcell & Performed by Kellie Besch is now playing on YouTube.

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Taught by Elizabeth Taggart, this course combines the principles of Yoga into the practice of writing.
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