Education for Enlightenment

Enlightenment means total awakening of Natural Law in the consciousness of the student.
The ability to know anything, do anything, and accomplish anything is the goal. Direct experience of enlightenment through Maharishi's Technologies of Consciousness—Transcendental Meditation and its advanced programs—and  total understanding of enlightenment through Maharishi Vedic Science, the science of consciousness, is the path. Experience and understanding support one another.

The 3 Pillars


Experience of the ultimate reality of life through transcending. The reliability of the Transcendental Meditation technique for experiencing the ultimate reality has been verified through hundreds of scientific research studies over the past fifty years.


Understanding through the Vedic Literature, the literature of Total Knowledge and its infinite organizing power. The ancient Vedic Literature further authenticates the experiences of enlightenment, taking our understanding from stage to stage as the experiences advance and enlightenment develops.


Verification of the state of enlightenment through success in practical life. As enlightenment develops, we naturally experience more and more support of nature leading to greater success in daily life.