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  • Level: All levels
  • Video Time:  1 hour
  • Speaker: Raj Rajeshwari Rindi 
  • First Broadcast: December 05, 2024

The Absolute State of Relationship

with Raj Rajeshwari Rindi 

In this fascinating talk you will hear about the birth of our universe as understood by contemporary astrophysics and how those dynamics relate to the unmanifest reality at the basis of the human mind.

Our speaker will show how the Unfolding Absolute State of Relationship is revealed at this foundational level of material creation as well as human consciousness, and is found to be the ultimate reality of both, with enormous implications for our personal life and for our whole world family. This delightfully engaging talk requires no scientific knowledge on the part of the viewer.


Raj Rajeshwari Rindi 

Our speaker for this Matri Mandala is Raj Rajeshwari Rindi Schwartz. She earned her BA and MA degrees from UCLA, magna cum laude, her master’s and doctoral degrees in the Science of Creative Intelligence from Maharishi European Research University, and a doctorate in Supreme Political Science from Maharishi University of World Peace. She was recognized for her achievements around the world by being granted the title Raj Rajeshwari, a Sanskrit term for administrator of consciousness-based programs for women. She is an honored leader of the women’s wing of the Global Country of World Peace and the Mother Divine Program.
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