Journaling Bundle

Getting Started In Journaling
A three-hour workshop and thefive-lesson course, Journaling—Our Sentient Invincible Self:  Purchase them together and receive a discount.

Are you ready for Journaling?

A Profound Writing Experience

 Journaling explores the Self. Sign up for the course and the workshop, and prepare to be given the tools and skills you need to identify and use your voice.

Getting Started with Journaling

A three-hour workshop that provides the skills and tools that form the foundations of the series. Interactive and thorough, this is suitable for anyone who wishes to quickly establish themselves in the Journaling method. 
Takes place November 10, 2022.

 Journaling—Our Sentient Invincible Self

A five-lesson course that guides participants through the deeper aspects of resilience. In a setting of community and safety this edition of the Yogic Journaling series invites you to shift into your experiences while being held by deep knowledge. 
Begins November 16, 2022.
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Journaling Bundle

Whether you are new to Journaling or if you would like a refresher on the fundamentals before taking this newest edition in the  Journaling series, this bundle makes checkout easier.

Getting Started In Journaling - Three-hour Workshop and Our Sentient Invincible Self  5 lesson course: Purchase them together and receive a discount.